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Vacancy Name International Jobs-Entrepreneurs plan





International Jobs


Multinational work opportunities!


Entrepreneursis FGT’s purpose for international Jobs plan

您想在自己國家一展長才嗎?我們精心設計的國際征才計畫 (即所謂的「創業家」計畫),可以讓您體驗一下自我創業工作的感覺。在創業的期間內,您將有機會可以深入瞭解第一通用,還能體驗一下多元文化的環境。

You want to in your own country to show your professional? International Recruiting carefully designed plan (the so-called "Entrepreneurs" plan), allows you to experience the feeling of self-employment work. Entrepreneurial period, you will have the opportunity to insight into the FGT, can experience a multicultural environment.
When this venture, you will continue your contacts engaged in their work, and have the opportunity to start your own company, create self a career, to become the FGT’s main distributor in local area.



Are you the talent for Entrepreneurs?

  • 年輕的社會新鮮人,或有 5 到 10 年的銷售經驗
  • Fresher peopleor 5~10 years of sales experience
  • 能配合並回國當地工作
  • You can return to your country to work
  • 適應力強
  • Strong resilience
  • 能接受不同文化
  • Can accept different cultures
  • 能發展陌生開發市場
  • To develop a strange development market
  • 團隊精神
  • Term Work
  • 中文流利
  • Chinese fluently


如何成為「創業家」計畫成員 ?

How can you become the member in Entrepreneurs?

  • 登記履歷表(中文/英文兩式)
  • Registration resume(Chinese/English style)
  • 選擇您的母國
  • Select your home country
  • 登記母國之連絡位址/電話
  • Registered home country contact address/phone
  • 自備可上網之設備(電腦)
  • Owned internet devices(Computers)
  • 接受公司產品訓練
  • Accept the company product training
  • 開通各人專用之電子郵箱/專屬之公司名片
  • Open the personal E-mail/business card
  • 簽定就職合約
  • Signed inaugural terms



如何成為「創業家」計畫後創建自我公司 ?

How can I create my owned company after the Entrepreneursplan?

  • 年銷售營收達美金40萬
  • Annual sales revenue of U.S.$400,000
  • 年毛利達30%以上
  • Annual gross profit of 30% or more
  • 已準備好母國開辦公司資金及營運計畫書
  • Home country is ready to start a business capital and operational plans
  • 已取得FGT公司同意廠牌銷售同意書
  • To get the certifications of sales agreement in FGT company
  • 已取得FGT投資同意書
  • To get the certifications of investment in FGT company

























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