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Vacancy Name Database Development Engineer
Database Development Engineer
Good tools:
FoxPro, MS SQL, MySQL, Access, Dbase, DB2
More than two years of management experience in database 1.Oracle
2. Experience with SQL writing and tuning
3. The concept of network and communication protocol
4.WEB-DB design and APPS UI design experience
5.Java design experience
Priority interview:
       Oracle OCP certificate who have WEB-DB and APPS UI actual independent gaming software development experience
Job Description:
• Information related work experience more than 3 years and medium-sized Internet companies, or game development industry experience preferred.
• a database management system is the basis of ability and analytical skills.
• Ensure access to secure data.
• Project planning to achieve the best fit, and reduce repetitive data.
• A large site database maintenance experience a plus.
• workflow analysis, development files written.
• Report and related customization system development.
• When enabled with the ad hoc process with the ability to work independently.
• with the ability to solve problems independently discovered.
• learning ability.
Work experience:
At least 3 years of work experience
Candidates Process Description
1. Written (written notification by Gatekeeper)
2. Interview (interview will pass a written interview)
※ substandard or who have not been admitted without notice.

























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