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Vacancy Name iOS / Android APP Designer
iOS / Android APP Designer
skills requirement
1. The solid C / C ++ / Java-based programming, data structures and algorithms based
2. Familiar with Java / Objective-C / swift, and the system architecture planning and maintenance
3. Familiar with HTML5, XML, and have .NET c # programming experience to develop Web Application / Windows Application in the priority admission
4. XML / JSON / SQLite data manipulation development experience a plus
5. There tandem Facebook, Google, cash flow or other application API's experience is a plus
6. The master HTTP, TCP / IP, Socket, REST and other core network programming protocols and technologies
More than 7.5 years Android / iOS development experience, the involvement of independent production or complete on-line project
8. familiar with Android open source community, able to read in English Docs, good at technology research
9. on Google Play experience, please attach individual work Added
Welcomes the transfer of other platforms Senior Software Engineer
Job content requires
1. To develop products in response to market proactively identify and solve problems, team spirit and the ability to work independently.
2. With the project iOS application design and development or Android APP application development program design modification, testing, application development and maintenance
3. series backend WebService / Web API
4. Cooperation with system designers to assess, plan and implement development tasks
5. Maintain Android Toolkit shared libraries
6. continue to improve application performance and perform software and Reconstruction Unit Testing

























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