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Vacancy Name Responsive website (RWD) Designer
Responsive website (RWD) Designer
1. Visual Design Background
2. Cooked CSS3, HTML5, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Ajax, Javascript, RWD and other front-end web technologies
3. More than three years of experience developing Web front-end
4. Familiar with RWD, familiar with cross-browser compatibility issues, performance optimization (front and back end developers with experience)
5. Design the front-end Web applications and Web performance control, and has shown good affinity and the interaction of the web page.
6. have experience working with the back-end engineer
7. Learn cross-platform development (websites, mobile devices and tablets)
8. The importance of teamwork, but it can also work independently.
9. like the constant pursuit of new technologies and share it with others
10. The sass good development experience (plus)
11. Development iOS / Android APP experience (plus)
12. There had to develop their own products (points)

























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