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Publish Date 2013-09-05 21:39:55
News Type FGT-Technology Magazine
News Title How to Test check mass flowmeter mass flow controller signal communica



How to Test check mass flowmeter mass flow controller signal communication status


An Application commercially available nitrogen cylinder pressure regulator to the following 3kg/cm2

(2) using 1/4 "SWL or 1/4" VCR fittings connected flowmeter

3 would AC110/200V turn DC15 power supply connected to power meter

4. Dsub9 or Dsub15 head pin input / output signals and three Multimeter Measurement

5. DC0 ~ 5V than the flow range of the flowmeter itself can be measured to the current conduction flow

6 using flow control device to adjust the flow rate outlook Chubby correctness

7 through the flow control device adjustment knob to adjust the output (for flow controller is the input signal)

8 and using terminal bus control signals measured value



Mass flowmeter general standard for the DC power

Flowmeter sensing core is afraid too high (over 10kg./cm2) flows into the

Do not use wet gas test (such as pneumatic gas, usually air ...)


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