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Publish Date 2015-09-15 16:25:04
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News Title Congratulations -FGT obtain di-soric Taiwan agency
Congratulations -FGT obtain di-soric Taiwan agency
FGT obtain di-soric Taiwan agency
di-soric Chinese name the: ABeam Swiss
FGT and is committed to assist in the development of common equipment industry in Taiwan and Germany synchronous technology standards
In industry 4.0 FGT and Disoirc introduce more high-end label switch sample supplied to equipment manufacturing, more accurate and more measured implementation services
di-soric constantly makes meaningful additions to their extensive range of sensors. This category now features new products in our lines of laser distance sensors, colour sensors, inclination sensors as well as a completely new line of light barriers. Information about our new laser fork light barriers with V4A housing will follow shortly.

Seamless quality control in manufacturing reduces costs and ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. di-soric is using one of the world’s most powerful portfolios for machine vision technology, including hardware design, software, machine vision illumination and lenses. The di-soric machine vision products are offering improved automated identification, inspection, measurement, and guidance capabilities to the benefit of manufacturers worldwide. 
Vision sensors

High performance and competence

For 30 years the di-soric corporate group is specialized in the development and production of sensors for industrial automation. Thanks to continuous innovations a vast product range is available, which is completed by high-value LED-lightings, machine vision and ID systems. The family owned company currently employs over 200 members of staff.


Our customers include small and medium sized companies as well as international groups and numerous car manufacturers. International sales is handled by our own highly-qualified employees and capable distributors. Close customer contact and continuous market analysis allow us to identify and implement new or changed product standards immediately. Customized devices are another particular strength of our production department.

di-soric headquarters in Urbach


Friendly and helpful staff, competent technical advice by phone, on-site customer support, a highly efficient warehouse and quick delivery service are the reasons our customers value us. We don’t consider ourselves just a supplier, but a partner to our customers.

Production and development in Lüdenscheid


TEL:886-6-263-2460     FAX:886-6-265-0141
NO.6,Shin-Ai Rd.South District,Tainan,702,Taiwan ROC