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Publish Date 2017-10-17 14:21:27
News Type FGT News
News Title FGT and Kofloc two soft and hard plant together to build IOT of ICT automation
FGT's strong development of ICT capabilities combined with Japanese Kofloc digital quality controller technology
Two Taiwan-Japan plant together will create a new industrial products networking, by an EX-Flow series of products
With FGT already has cloud technology capabilities, future flowmeters will be available to provide users with cross-platform monitoring control
To improve the original in the field of fluid control need to install the central monitoring of high-priced software and through the complex programmable control can be provided to the user after the most complete interface applications
In 2018, FGT full range of flowmeter products are also upgraded to IOT level applications, the future will be for more applications
To achieve large data collection and use of user-friendly alarm reminder function, but also the use of FGT cloud host sharing concept, not only in the APP interface applications, but also transferred to the FGT the highest level of large data analysis program, the actual cloud interface integration Full range of services

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