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Industrial Control Parts

FGT MKT01 Sales Group Products:FA Series:Reflective photoelectric switch / control photoelectric switch / lens reflective photoelectric switch / hand-tune the optical fiber amplifier / digital fiber amplifier / high-speed optical fiber amplifier / positioning optical fiber amplifier / component fiber amplifier / security area photo sensor / timer / counter
P3X Photo Sensor
U-Shaped type photoelectric sensor
FGT20 Pressure Sensor
Area sensor
Area Sensor
LC Light curtains
BF4R Fiber Optic AMP
Power Supply
BF5R Digital Indicating Type Fiber Optic sensor
Multi-function Timer
Small, diffuse reflective type
Compact, universal voltage type
Small and light, popular type photoelectric sensor
High speed response type with built-in output protectio
Slim photoelectric sensor for long sensing distance
Cylindrical photoelectric sensors

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