FMG-J FMG-J Insertion magnetic Flow Meter

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Insertion-Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter
• Smart Intelligent LCD display function
• Display Interface: English or Chinese
• Easy to Setup and install/Variety of sizes range.
• High Accuracy:±1.5% of reading(RD)
• Flow direction function: Plus or Reverse
• Alarm Function: Excitation and No fluid tubes Alarm.
• Install Way: Adjustable and Fixed type.

HS Code of 9026101

FMG Insertion magnetic flow meter

water flow  meter WWS flow meter

wastewater water treatment

Adjustable Type Fixed Type
Size(mm) 100~3000
Application Raw Water,Pure Water,Waste Water,Liquid of Conductivity >50μS/cm
Peak flow rate 0.1~10.0 m/s
Conductivity to be more than 50μS/cm
Accuracy ± 1.5% of  reading
Repeatability ± 0.25% of reading
Insertion tube size(mm) ø32mm or ø50mm
Material of signal electrode and grounding electrode Mo-containing stainless steel,Hastelloy B,Hastelloy C,Titanium alloy,Tantalum alloy,Platinum-iridium alloy,Stainles-steel-coated wolfram
Material of Piping Carbon Steel、Stainless steel 304、No piping
Material of sensor Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Max.Temperature with Lining material Polytetrafluoroethylene <70℃
Polyvinyl fluoride <70℃
Fluorinated ethylene-propylene <70℃
Polychloroprene rubber <70℃
Polyurethane <70℃
Max.Pressure DN100~DN3000 ≦1.6Mpa
Display Line 2 Line with LCD
Protection IP68 for Body and IP65 for Display
Output 4~20 mA or 0~10mA or pulse
Communication RS485(Option)、RS232(Option)、Hart(Option) with lightning protection
Parts Vavle With Without
Power supply AC 85~265V 45~63Hz or DC 11~40V

HS Code of 9026101

DN100~DN3000 HS Code of 9026101 wastewater water treatment
There is no software available.

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