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Project Name:LED equipment to install multi-point temperature control system

LED equipment to install multi-point temperature control system
By customer case:

MOCVD equipment for the old thermostat in the tank design temperature monitoring without warning, and because the device is within the child devices in the main equipment, engineering assistance through FGT custom design, not by design principles and requirements PLC share Voltage AC90 ~ 240 to facilitate movement Multi-point temperature control system

FGT-engineering custom design

FGT design 250x250x200mm, and integrated 8-channel high-end programmable temperature controller, thoughtful design to consider the installation of site operators, and design into the disk can be added directly to close the alarm buzzer functions

Military connector plug-in installed, and the external connector plate body made changes designed to allow the operator even if not sure of the equipment system, under the plug in module line can plug directly

Choose one Auto teaching, all the channel design approach, easy to operate quickly Preferences

Thermal system and be free to change the type of thermal head with waterproof material SUS316


FGT-engineering design reports in the literature data


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