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Project Name:UPW system design

UPW system design

Demand concept
Customers need to Plant limited 24-hour operation, and can not do all the creation and expansion of time off the case
Use the old system and the expansion of the new system to integrate the old systemof man-machine interface Siemens S7-300/Fuji system modification, and expansion of a new system of UPW systems, because of the case demand computing powerrequirements and integrated interfaces, commissioned Department of electricalEngineering turnkey operation, from design to control the power and field fortificationssuch as design, construction to achieve a single design case under the framework to ensure responsible
Design concept
Production systems should be considered the owners, some need using a complex-coupled architecture design, engineering units of discussions recommended coreprocessor S7-400 S7-300 with the module under
Design purposes: economic security to consider, in the field devices installed in aregion of the additional man-machine interface, can not independently control thecentral monitoring function compatible
Distributed processor architecture of the device for all on-site equipment operation to overcome the uncertainties on the successful integration of multi-brand processors,confusion, and apply TCP / IP transmission distance of breakthrough features make the 100M limit
And the application of each device are designed to install the new concept of energy conservation programs - the French high-end multi-function meter used, the motorside of each style are easy to install on each device's power meter to achieve quality status
Figure control layer should be part of the contents of the process by the customertechnical limitations, this is not another map that
Be monitored by case development of innovative 3D somatosensory operationfunction - patent applications, to resolve any problems the old operation of peripheralcorrupted, no keyboard and mouse to operate the unaided eye


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