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Project Name:Factory power distributor to use PMS100-E Power Energy Demand Systems.


Factory power distributor to use PMS100-E Power Energy Demand Systems
The original construction of the plant due to sub-lease buildings to the two companies after by Taipower part of the second sub-meter
Demand points
Sublet factory guest at the guest of the factory inconvenience into the direct meter reading and billing
Tenant demand self together to understand the current demand for electricity
Landlord do not understand computer operation, direct knowledge of the situation demand through television
Using the point
Customers PMS100-E application via phone and website for easy operation
Guest self-understanding of the current billing electricity situation
Design and planning of the engineering department
The PMS-100-E Enterprise Edition with COUNTIS series of  E53 3 sets
And by directly operated by the customer 's own Smart TV and somatosensory cloud host download to watch on the LCD TV






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