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Project Name:Water storage tank using IN25 and UPW100 system


Water storage tank using IN25 and UPW100 system
The original plant fire sink Distributions in three factories can not be unified centralized management understand the situation
Demand points:
Water storage tank in three factories in the districts independent continuous water supply to the plant
Original sink in the water supply can be automatically selected according to each storage tank high-level, limit level and low level, set the limit at low level
May be added to a group setting formula
Design point
Taking into account the plant distance Master Vice-control way of man-machine interface and a man-machine interface, one can only be issued to control change instruction
The design of remote RS485 communication interface and part of the system fiber terror line for future extension of the ease of monitoring systems integration interface
Raw water storage tank in the  Water supply side constant voltage automatically switches the motor design, in order to achieve the motor stability and sustainable use of
The point of application
Original FGT published  IN25  water flow meter with   UPW100 system subsystem module
To customers easy to operate and self-parameter set
And taking into account the issue of saving energy and reducing carbon specially designed for the computation of the total electricity for customers designed to install COUNTIS E53 collection meter to calculate the total system power consumption






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