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Project Name:Steam boiler add the FVF vortex flow meter


Steam boiler add the FVF vortex flow meter
Original boiler of the steam metering situation
Demand points
Vortex 2 "pressure 6kg/cm2 50 ~ 1100 kg / hr Temperature: 200℃ +-with display
Design point
Taking into account the temperature, operating pressure problems, and customer piping for ceiling piping
The point of application
Engineering department strategies designed using the FVF flange JIS10K and paragraph can be applied for less than the vapor-resistant stability 480 ° C
Consider the customers ceiling installation of the FPC series display instrumentation and includes RS485 communication, and the DI function models
FPC itself, the specific calculation of the cumulative amount of the flowmeter, the moment the amount of RS485 and DI output function, and directly through a simple customer type AC110/200 electricity supply situation






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