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Project Name:Atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine using BF1R fiber amplifier


Atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning machine using BF1R fiber amplifier
OMRON, keyenece, sunx, photoelectric switches, selected on the original equipment space should be under the influence of the space requirements and environmental temperature needs to switch to the space temperature and other characteristics of the sensor design
Demand points
Small space, contact output, Optical little
Single standardized and specific universal design principle
Facilitate the establishment of the inventory with
Design point
Marketing the application  BF1R itself to have the characteristics of simple and convenient setting
With the characteristics of an extension of the metal tube lengthened and fiber-optic lines can be arbitrarily cut the installation
Simple NPN / PNP output corresponding to the PLC controller
The point of application
Sensing plate, glass, electronic circuit board, plastic board, place the boxes on the product's cleaning operations to check






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