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Project Name:Temperature heating systems

Temperature heating systems
Rack installation
Using desktop control design, application laboratory features multi-point temperature sensing
Use of a computer security lock locked preventing students from non-operations engineer level revisions
Organization of plastic to protect the base, secure a good place
4,8,16,32 thermal expansion of rod function
Temperature controller with a group of multi-point temperature and Design
Average temperature range: 16 ~ 400 oC
Disc surface temperature and measurement: + / -3 oC
--- Using analog temperature control technology designed to meet global energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions
Power Supply: AC110V
AUTO turn function of the temperature accuracy of the amendment
Communication function: RS232 or RS485
Computer Remote setting function
With: LAVIEW graph control (optional mode)


Real-trace applications:

To achieve solar energy, OLED industry, wafer inspection methods
Taiwan chip using standard 300W heating
4:00 disc-type thermal design, temperature and measurement
Only a group of innovative design calculation of the temperature controller, temperature control settings
Simple control panel On / OFF function
Foolproof operation stability and protect the function of emergency stop button design
Vacuum pumping design, energy-saving function of the carbon Applications
Is also simple to understand will use

Thank college and university professors with joint development LAVIEW graph control
Thank Carpenter X's temperature-control system to Europe and the United States --- business is booming day
Grateful to all listed companies at all levels, big boss, I said that rumors to publicize the company's
Thanks to support in times of recession such a maintain their standards up to now

The FGT has not commercial busniess-based company, in line with technology-based
Re-innovation and research and development, technology research funding for the industry to give
Once again, to create Taiwan's technical assistance to large companies to enter foreign markets

Application Sector:
Academic Teaching Application
LED Industrial Applications
Lab temperature control applications
Product heating control application
Mold heating applications 



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