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Project Name:Automatic Injection for Gas filling system

Gas filling system, automatic irrigation

【The first high-precision electronics factory level flow control system】
【First use of electronic surveillance designed to control plant-level plan, the provincial work safety design】
Automatic Filling System
(Auto Gas Injection Systems)
1: Central Intake:
1.1 Pressure Control Function
1.2 Gas Evaporator

2: Equipment fitting function:
2.1 Flow Control Function
2.2 Hand automatic switching function
2.3 Automatic pressure relief function
2.4 urgent interdict function
2.5 man-machine interface
Groups of more than 2.6-type bulk setting control parameters
2.7 automatic alarm function interdict
2.8 volume / volume record function
2.9 volume / volume setting function of cylinder
2.10 Auto-leakage breaker function
2.11 function of exhaust gas recycling
2.12 automatic cleaning function of air
3: Production Record function:
3.1 Traffic Trend
3.2 Support EXECEL File Analysis function
3.3 Batch Record function
3.4 Alarm reporting function

4: Optional: Central Monitoring function:
4.1 with PC-BASED graph control
4.3 servo master class
4.4: Report Printing
4.5 Support IE browser to watch function
4.6 persons authorized by management operations
4.7 using the TCP / IP Ethernet
5: Add purchase subsystems function:
5.1RFID bar code scanning function
5.2 to send SMS alert function of remote
More than 5.3 Plant monitoring and control
5.4 earthquake sensing function
6: Application Sector:
6.1 Gas Distribution Industry
6.2 Renewable Energy Industry
6.3 Food Packaging Industry
6.4 Aquaculture
6.5 Fire equipment industry
6.6 Solar energy industry
6.7 plus gas industry
6.8 Medical Professions

7: Application of gas:
7.1 General Gas
7.2 Special Gas
7.3 Inert Gas


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