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Project Name:Positive and negative pressure rooms outside air design principles

Positive and negative pressure rooms outside air design principles
IPC + PLC + DDC (air-conditioning control system)


With the use of personal computers Indusoft 1500 points
Dual switch design tents
42 "TFT LCD screen business
22 "LCD tents
Design Motivation: in response to customer requests to do a presentation to use, one to be used in monitoring the environment, the standby state of preservation of access control can be done
Control Level:
Brand: siemens
E1200 + PXC64
Communication layer:
TCP / IP (from IPC to PLC)
RS485 (from PLC to DDC)
Show level:
IPC computer display summary table
HMI display field status of operation of revisions

Installation of air-conditioning Box Design
Calculated using wind meter windmill inverter feedback signal control
Design Motivation:
Stability of air flow into / out of control

With differential pressure switch, pressure, negative pressure transmitter

To achieve steady flow, voltage regulator


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